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Mikrotik + ClouldFlare = DynDNS

At times I want to reach my home computer, so I had a dynamic DNS service that keeps a DNS record ( like myhomeip.dyndns.org) in sync with your home IP address that changes from time to time.

I got fed up with free service from DynDNS: your record will disappear in 30 days unless you login into their site and "confirm" it. DynDNS annoys you on purpose, so you buy their "pro" service. I do not like being annoyed, and I do not see a point of paying for DynDNS service -- their value proposition is weak, as anyone can create a script that updates DNS records.

I have a website that is protected by ClouldFlare service. ClouldFlare offers an API that can be used to update DNS records, so I wrote a script for Mikrotik RouterOS that does just that.

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SCRUM For SysAdmin/DevOps Workflow

At $WORK we are using agile workflow (SCRUM) for Sysadmin/DevOps team. It had been a pain in the beginning, but recently it started to pay off, once we got some details right.

We use Jira and whiteboard + sticky notes to track the whole process. Operational/support Items are tracked in a continuous "Kanban"-like process -- note "SUPPORT" area in the middle of the board.

Let me know if you'd like to know more, and we are hiring.

Here is how our SCRUM board looked at the end of the sprint (Fri last week)

Here is how our SCRUM board looks at the beginning of the sprint (Tue, 1st day of the sprint)

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Russia: Fools and Roads | Traffic on M10

 M10  - Main highway between St. Petersbug and Moscow .  It took  four days, from 30 November to 3 December, to clear up humongos traffic jam ....

 Also see http://02varvara.wordpress.com/2012/12/04/4-december-2012-a-photo-spread-humungous-traffic-snarl-on-the-m10-motorway-between-moscow-and-piter/

Originally posted by kare_l at Чудище обло
Про пробку на М10 высказались уже все, кому не лень.
Я в этом эпическом событии поучаствовал самым непосредственным образом, попал в самый эпицентр - затор, который образовался сразу после сильнейшего снегопада перед Торжком.
И простоял посреди Тверских лесов около суток.
Всего же дорога из Питера в Москву заняла у меня 36 часов.

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