konstant1n (konstant1n) wrote,

O-bama Traffic -> Night in Malibu

House of Blues, Sanset Blvd, West Hollywood -- view from De Longpre AveIn anticipation of  Obama-traffic on Monday,  I’ve opted to  stay in a hotel near my work, in Malibu, Ca.


Our president have decided to host a fund-raising event on Monday at House Of Blues on Sunset Blvd,  which is about 100 yards away from my house.   The residents of the area were informed that getting in and out of the neighborhood will be virtually impossible due to the traffic and law enforcement activities.


I was thinking about skipping going to the office on Monday and working from home,  but I have to interview  two individuals on Monday, and one of them I really like (from the phone interview) and hope to hire.

Anyways,  I will staying at Malibu Country Inn on Monday night  (hope my company would compensate )



BTW, check  http://www.dandb.com/careers if  you would like to work in Malibu and actually enjoy comming to work every day.  We have a cool team full smart people and amazing office with ocean views, Ping-Pong table,  yoga classes on Fri,   in-office jim, etc, etc.  

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